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Welcome To "The App That Pays Daily"..Click on Add to Cart, set up your account and go to the APP/Play Store and download the APP (P2P Money Flow Manager).  Use the same username and password to log into your account...

P2P Money Flow Manager is a program designed to assist anyone. The App serves two purposes. 

First, it is designed to help you keep more of your hard earned dollars in your pocket using the unique budgeting system and secondly, it will automatically prepare you to Minimize Your Taxes and Eliminate Debt by tracking your deductible expenses.

It also supports all Independent Agents such as Realtors, Home Health Agents, Insurance Agents, Lawn Care Business owners just to name a few to include everyone who incur business expenses that are not covered by an Employer. Operating a Business whether it is Home Based or not is the most TAX ADVANTAGED category in America today. Home Base Business Owners now qualify for more tax deductions than any other category of taxpayers in America, bar none! 

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